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Our company "FYTORIO KADRIS" which is located in Xanthi, is a family business that has been dynamically active since 2000 with the production and marketing of nurseries, providing you with excellent quality products and immediate service.
In our modern facilities, every day you can find fruit trees, indoor and outdoor flowers, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs, in a wide variety, in order to choose the ideal ones.
  With love, passion
& a lot of care


every day we cultivate our nurseries with continuous monitoring of their health status and always according to the scientific rules of plant protection, fertilization and irrigation.

Thus, we can provide you with fruit trees, indoor and outdoor flowers, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs of the highest quality.

Whether you are a private individual who wants unique flowers for your garden and home, or a professional looking for the ideal fruit trees, all you have to do is visit our business and be sure that you will find the ideal products.


they are always monitored by a specialist agronomist for their proper growth and we also have a Phytosanitary Passport.

is the correct and responsible production of plant material under natural conditions in order to be sure of the high quality of the nurseries we offer you.
  Visit our nursery in Xanthi to discover the wide variety we have and be sure to receive prompt and correct service.  
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